Colorado Cow Elk Hunts

Why cow elk hunting?

October through December:

1) Large numbers of elk
2) Limited hunting pressure
3) Large private ranches
4) High success ratio (nearly 100%)
5) Great family atmosphere
6) Perfect for father/youth hunts, couples, or friends
7) Excellent meat hunt (one of the healthiest red meats available)
8) Top notch accommodations and superior meals
9) 3 day hunt schedules, (flexible to your needs)
10) In house, state of the art meat processing facility

Commonly asked questions:

1) How do we obtain a license?
A - We will assist you in applying for licenses before early April or purchase licenses if available(left over). If born on or after January 1, 1949 hunter MUST have completed an approved hunter education course to obtain a license and must carry their hunter safety card with them unless it has been verified by the CP&W.

2) Are there age restrictions?
A - We can handle any age groups as long as the hunter is of legal age to obtain a license. (12 years old and must meet hunter education requirements)

3) Where do we hunt?
A - Hunting on ranches located in GMU #11, #211 and #12, depending on license designation.

4) Where do we stay?
A - In our newly constructed home/lodge with private bedrooms and private guest house attached (extremely clean, comfortable, and very cozy) 2 guests per room.

5) What do we do with our meat?
A - We have a state of the art meat processing facility on site. We can handle your processing needs immediately, enabling you to return with fully processed and frozen meat.

6) When do cow hunts take place?
A - We can schedule 3 day hunts to accommodate your life (school breaks, jobs, and holidays, etc.), beginning in October and continuing through the end of December, with the exceptions of Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

7) Are we guided?
A - We feel our guides are some of the best in the business who possess a great ability to put you on elk. We offer 2 hunters per guide. (2x1)

8) Will we see elk?
A - Typically we have great numbers of elk. Often we see several hundred elk daily but usually focus on smaller groups while hunting.

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