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From 2015 Hunting Season:

Dear John and Tawny,
We are writing to let you know what a great hunt we had.
We came because we had a strong recommendation from relatives, Ferd and Charlotte, but didn't know how it would work out for us as archery hunters because archery wasn't featured in the web sight.

Not to worry, we had a world class hunt.

The ranch on which we hunted was loaded with elk, lightly and skillfully hunted to keep elk on the property.

On the second day where we hunted, we had seven or eight different bulls within a mile of us, all bugling with abandon in 70 degree weather. Scott Young spotted the bull I ultimately shot and called him from across the valley, at least a quarter of a mile away. I was skeptical he would come but he did and it took him 45 minutes and gave me a good shot in an open meadow.

After the bull was down, it was skillfully processed in less than 12 hours so we could leave the next day. The only blood on my hands was mine. I scratched myself from scrambling through the brush.

Food and accommodations were first rate. We felt like honored family in your house. Thank you,
Hank and Natalie Ellwood

John and Tawny,
I wanted to send you a quick note to personally thank you for being such gracious hosts this past week. Both Brian and I had a trip of a lifetime! The hunting was excellent, the food and accommodations were first class and the fellowship was fantastic. Needless to say trips like that are the basis of our most cherished memories and you guys made this past week one of the most memorable occasions of our lives. Thanks again for inviting us into your home and family for a great week of fun and excitement, I certainly hope to be back again very soon!

By all means as well, one good turn deserves another, should you guys ever want to come to the Outer Banks of NC for some killer fishing, and gorgeous weather, a standing open invitation is always extended to you and your family.

William "Billy" McOwen
252-480-LAND (O)
252-305-6720 (C)
252-441-8422 (F)

Thank you for a great hunting experience and great hospitality. It was my pleasure to get to know you and your family. Looking forward to next year!
Steve Ryland

Hi John,
Just a quick note to say thanks for a phenomenal experience. I can't say what I was more impressed with; your expert guiding us on the hunt, the 5 star accommodations, the excellent on-site processing, or the fabulous meals cooked by Tawny! As you know, our group went 4 for 4 in bagging elk thanks to your "eagle-eyes," your home/lodge is as comfortable as any 4 star hotel, your processing staff are as friendly and efficient as the best in any service business, and Tawny could easily open a chef's school. I truly don't know how you could do any better in any aspect of your business. Feel free to give my name and number out as a reference.

We all look forward to next year's hunt.

John Weinheimer
Sacramento CA

After 20 years of hunting National Forest and public ground in Wyoming for Mule Deer, my hunting partner and I decided to spend some money and sign up with an outfitter and try a guided hunt. After some research and a recommendation I contacted John and he was able to convince me that H&H was the outfit that we wanted to sign up with. We hunted the second (2nd) rifle for mule deer only and were both presented with a couple of very good opportunities for quality bucks. We saw a lot of animals and some very good bucks. While neither of us brought home the buck we were looking for, we did both have the opportunity. As our guide told us, he can put us on the bucks, but he can’t shoot them for us too.

John was a great host and is very interested to see that all hunters feel they are being put in the best position to get the animal they are looking for. The accommodations were good and the food was terrific.

We look forward to a return trip to H&H.

Mark Davis

To my good friends at Halandras Outfitters,
I have enjoyed tremendously, my two successful Elk hunts in 2010 and 2012. Your entire package far exceeded my expectations and I will continue hunting with your outfit until I am no longer physically able. Thanks for the wonderful hunts, best accommodations, meals that could not be matched anywhere, and the fine friendship that will long survive my future years with you on the mountain.

Your Friend
Duncan McCormack III

To All Hunters,
Dear John, I wanted to thank you for a great hunt this year. It's my 8th year in a row at the ranch, and I have bagged 8 elk. I've been on other hunts in several states - horses/camping and have never seen the number of elk I've seen in Colorado. My compliments to you and Tawny on the wonderful upgrades at the camp. Please give a special thanks to your parents on the outstanding dining. I've dined at many fine restaurants and their culinary skills are second to none. I'm looking forward to next years hunt!

Thanks again for everything,
G. Bloom

John, Good to hear from you. Yes i am planning on coming back next year and would like to do the 1st season again. On another note i would be more than happy to give you a testimonial because it was truly a great experience: I recently went on my first elk hunt and i chose to go with John and Tawny Halandras in Meeker, CO because they came highly recommended by a good friend of mine who has hunted with them for years.

I didn't know what to expect but the trip was everything i had hoped it would be and more. I went up there with the hope of just hearing elk bugle, but instead heard tons of elk bugling and i was able to kill a great mature bull at 60 yards while almost getting stampeded by hundreds of elk. These guys will put you on the elk. John and Tawny welcomed me and my group along with several other groups of hunters from across the country into their home and we all were treated like we were part of the family. The accomodations are first class with a lot of attention to detail and the food alone prepared every day by Tawny will make you want to come back just for the great cuisine.

John and his hunting guides worked to make sure every hunter had the best possible hunting opportunity and experience during the hunt. The guides are experienced and very knowledgeable about the ranches they are hunting on. My advice to anyone coming elk hunting with these boys is to get in shape, because these guys are relentless in the pursuit of elk and if it means climbing to the top then get ready to go. Be in shape because you will enjoy the hunt much more. I can't say enough about John and Tawny's outfitting operation except i have been all over North America chasing big game and their operation ranks at the top for all aspects of the trip. I will be joining them again to chase the majestic Rocky Mountain Elk. Thank you John and Tawny for a trip of a lifetime.

Davy Mize
St. Joseph, LA

John & Tawny provide first class accommodations, expert guiding, and access to some of the most beautiful country in the world. There is nothing like exploring the Rocky Mountain terrain near Meeker after a fresh snow looking for that big bull! As a novice hunter, it was a great experience in every way and I will definitely be back in the future.

Jason Balasch

To All Hunters,
John, I know you said you had really good luck with your late season cow elk hunts but seriously...two elk within the first 3 hours of our hunt...on the FIRST DAY! Unbelievable!! Not that it wasn't challenging. That quick little hike up the Hogback did give me a little workout; and the view of that elk heard and being able to take a cow out of it was priceless. Definitely worth that quick hike. To the hunter out there who is mobile but looking for a good place to take someone who may have a mobility problem, Johns late season cow elk hunts are perfect!

John and Tawny will take the best care of you from every aspect. It's probably a good thing we did score on the first day. After eating the wonderful feasts that Tawny prepared I think I gained 10 lbs. and wouldn't have been able to make it up any hill. The accommodations were top notch also.

Another huge benefit of going with H&H is the on sight processing. I got everything they make and let me tell you...it's all great! I'll be back once again for the 2011 late cow season. Then after school finishes up, I'll be ready to go get a bull with you for 2012. Save me that 6x6!

Thanks John and Tawny!
Shawn Miller

Hello John and Tawny
I had hunted for elk several years with not much to show for my efforts. In 2008 I was hunting with a friend in south Texas and he told me about a great elk hunting trip he had taken in 2007. He hunted with H & H Outfitters and suggested I give John Halandras a call. As it turned out John did have an open spot for the 2008 elk late rifle season. 2008 was dry and hot for a November hunt but the guide I was with worked very hard and on the second morning we caught a nice bull out feeding. It took us less than one hour to get into position to make the shot. When the bull went down the guide was excited as I was.

My 2009 elk hunt was a trip I will always remember. The trip was in mid October and I was not expecting to find the bulls still bugling but they were. In the pre dawn of the first day we could here at least two bulls bugling. By mid morning we had one responding to our call and actually turned around to check us out. It was a young bull so we passed on him. My guide assured me we could do better. That afternoon we caught a heard of 30 working their way down the mountain but out of range and we were running out of daylight. The next morning we started off where we had stopped the day before and tried to draw a bull in but they moved off the ranch so we had to come up with a new game plan. My guide told John about all the elk we had seen and noted they were moving from the top of the mountain to the bottom. John told my guide which trail to take to get to the top of the mountain and when we get on top we will find a small pond that flows down into a drainage. About 3:30 that afternoon we had made it to the top and slowly made our way thru the aspens to overlook the drainage. My guide signaled for me to stop and came back with a big smile on his face. He told me two 6 x6 bulls were bedded down in the shade across the canyon about 300 yards. Wow.. What a sight to see! They had not spotted us and the guide told me to take my time. He helped me make a steady rest and with one shot he was down.

I can't say enough good things about the guides that work for H & H outfitters. They work to your ability and they work hard .They know the country very well and take pride in seeing that you are successful.

The accommodations are excellent and you will be very comfortable during your stay at H & H outfitters. H & H also provides a processing service which is outstanding. Last and not least the meals are outstanding. Tawny and John's mother are great cooks.

Please feel free to call me for a reference

Darryl Hamilton

“Finally an outfitter that lives up to his word and far exceeded my expectations. It was a great hunt, gourmet food and extremely comfortable accommodations. We are currently in the process of planning our fall hunt with you."

Bob LaCoste

"I had a great time hunting with H&H this past fall and I’m very fortunate because I get to admire my 6x6 European mount every time I sit down at my desk to work. When I tell my buddies about my hunt I point out that every aspect of H&H is first class; the property hunted, the guides, the lodging and meals, and the meat processing/trophy preparation. Since I can only get in one or two big hunts a year I have to be very choosy in selecting an outfitter...that is why I selected H&H...and that is why I will use them in the future as well. By the way H&H was recommended to me by a friend and I still thank him for the recommendation."

Don Nimey

“The accommodations, family environment and food provided by John and Tawny were fantastic. John is a hunter’s guide. For me, he planned a hunt, accounting for my physical limitations and got me on game! I eagerly look forward to hunting with John again as well as enjoying Tawny’s “perfectly fine” lamb, cooked to perfection, with all the trimmings!”

Cheers and do stay in touch,

John MacNeill

After visiting with the chamber of commerce I called a few of the names and finally spoke with Johnny. I knew I was done calling. A real hunter and very affable. I called my buddy Don and he agreed. Neither of us had ever hunted with a 'guide' and we weren't certain we would like it. Well Johnny is now a friend and yes, a great guide also. But beware, he takes it serious, you will take elk unless the planet are mis-aligned. The last hunt my son Derrik, my buddy Don, and I each took 2 cow elk within the first hour, six total. Elk hanging in the locker by lunch. Don and I have muzzle loader hunted with Johnny and both shot elk at close range, what a blast!

Roger Flahive

After hunting Colorado Elk for many years, John and I finally hooked up for an early Archery hunt. It far exceeded my expectations! We were seeing large numbers of Elk each day, and some great Bulls in the mix. It was a difficult hunt with the dry weather and heat, but we were able to make it all worth our time. I was able to take my largest Elk, and with a bow! A great 6x6 hangs on the wall. That’s the hunting, couldn’t talk about the experience without calling out the great accommodations and the outstanding food and company. Thanks for a great week…

Chad Petroshus

I’ve had the pleasure of hunting with H & H for three years. Each year has been better than the previous. The professionalism, knowledge and helpfulness of John, Tawny and their staff of guides are the best I’ve seen in over 40 years of big game hunting. Lodging and meals are superior to any I’ve experienced on outfitted hunts. The quality of game on their hunting properties is top notch and the added advantage of immediate processing of harvested game at their facility is an added bonus.

Jerry Berggren

"If you are looking for an Elk hunt that is fun and exciting with unbelievable scenery then H and H will not disappoint you. Top it off with some of the best guides, great food, and a family atmosphere then you just cannot go wrong with this outfitter"

Ken Naquin
Youngsville, La.

“I have hunted Elk and deer with John and Tawny since they started H&H guide service. Over the last eleven years our group has had approximately 70 hunters with them. WE have enjoyed an 80+ percent success, and hunted all three gun season at one time or the other. Bow and black powder hunts are also part of their offerings. They know where the Elk are and they can find them!!

As important to me is the friendship and genuine hospitality that the Halandras clan brings with the great hunting experience. If I never hunt or kill another Elk, I have found a second family for life!!

Accommodations, meals, transportation and processing are available and first class. For a great hunting experience, beautiful terrain and scenery, and warm hospitality this is the place to go.”

Phil Goodwin, Charleston West Virginia

John, Tawny and their staff are just awesome! They work so hard to see that you have a great experience whether you’re a first timer like I was or a long time client. From the moment we pulled up to the ranch headquarters, it was very obvious that John was obsessive about “the little things”. Their accommodations are immaculate, their ranch lands are breathtaking, their guides are very professional and their state of the art processing facility is extremely organized, efficient and clean.

I’m very fortunate that my business affords me the opportunity to take that “special client” to a place where we can have a terrific time and forge long lasting personal and business relationships. Over the years, I have experienced many such places both here in the U.S. and abroad. I would very comfortably rank John’s operation in the top 10% and my clients would certainly agree.

My family and I are very proud of the nice trophy elk hanging in our family room but more importantly I am thankful for the work that John and his crew did to make our experience such a great one.

I hope you will consider H&H for your next Rocky Mountain adventure. I know I’ll be back.

Best Regards and Safe Hunting,

Jammy Turner
Dewitt, Arkansas
“Take a child hunting today……you’ll never regret it, and they’ll never forget it”

All I can say is that if you are a serious hunter, and you want excellent big game hunting, wonderful western hospitality, and an exquisite culinary experience then H&H is your destination.

Ben Bargelt


I have hunted with you at H&H Processing and Outfitting for three years.

Each year you have put me within twenty yards of elk multiple times....just the type of thrill a hunter is hoping for when you go on a trip like this.

Not only have I enjoyed the hunt but you also show the concern for your hunter not to push past a safe endurance level for that particular hunter.

The meals and accommodations at your lodge are superb and I would not hesitate to recommend your hunting camp to anyone.

Hope to join you again in the future.

Best Wishes,

H. Y. Davis

I must say that the years 2007 & 2008, I've never seen anyone work as hard at calling Elk for me and Spike as you did during the archery season. Don't get the big head but I truly believe there in no one better at getting the Bulls in close. A couple of times I could almost smell their breaths.

I will forward pictures of the Elk that I killed when I leased from you at Big Mountain and the property in Unit 22.

Remember, you are great at calling and finding the ELK but everyone has their limitations. Four hunters in camp is too many for one great calling archery guide.

Your friend,
Reggie L. McCubbin

My 15 year old daughter Victoria and I successfully hunted elk in 2009 with John and his staff at H&H Outfitting. The accommodations were fabulous, the food was 5-Star quality (Thanks Tawny!), the private hunting country was vast and breathtaking, and we saw lots of quality elk. I’ve never had hunting guides work as hard for me as did John and his staff. The customized, personal and close guide service provided us by John and Matt was exactly what I wanted for Victoria’s first ever elk hunt; they were with us every step of the way. I give John and Tawny at H&H Outfitting my strongest possible endorsement. In fact, Victoria and I have already booked our 2010 elk hunt with John and we can’t wait for it to get here. Thanks John and Tawny!

Tom Zulim
Houston, Texas

I have hunted archery elk with H&H for the past 3 years. John, Tawny, and boys adopt the hunters in camp as part of the family. Meals, accommodations are FIVE STARS! Each of my 3 trips have resulted in bull elk. John knows the hunting area and the elk that are there. John can put you on elk on day one and get them CLOSE! H&H Processing is on site and can accommodate meat and trophies for the trip home. I would highly recommend H&H to any bow hunter looking for a quality elk hunt. I am currently looking forward and making plans for trip #4 with H&H.

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