Physical Condition & Shooting Recommendations

H&H Outfitting wants every client to bag their trophy. Unfortunately, this can not always be the case. Hunting is a sport that challenges us all, which is what keeps us coming back! H&H Outfitting strives to increase the client's odds of success with incredible private property and excellent, skilled guides. We do our best to accommodate your physical condition and shooting ability, however, logic says that the more ground you can access, the more comfortable you are with your weapon and the quicker you can react; the more opportunities you will have.

The hunter can increase their odds of success by coming prepared for their hunt. Preparation includes bringing the appropriate gear and clothing, preparing yourself physically and being comfortable shooting your weapon at a variety of distances. We have hunting terrain that is suited for a variety of physical conditions and limitations, however, a hunter's odds of success are greatly improved by preparing for their hunt in the months before arriving.

We recommend being able to walk/hike 2 to 3 miles a day. (Warning! John has been accused of being part Mountain Goat) Our base elevation is about 6200 feet. Our properties will take you to elevations in excess of 9,000 feet. Preparing for your hunt should include a daily exercise routine. Remember you will also be packing your gun and your backpack. (John's Tip: Put a large bag of dog food in your pack, lace up your hunting boots and make your wife walk so fast she has to jog to keep up!! Note that John's wife is considering purchasing a bicycle.)

Another key factor in increasing your odds of success is your gun. We recommend no less than a .270 caliber gun (absolute minimum). The most common caliber we see used is a .300, which is what we recommend. A hunter will be asked to take only shots that they are comfortable taking. There are typically some opportunities to take shorter range shots, however, we recommend that you be comfortable taking shots at 400-500 yards to maximize your odds of success. A hunter who is comfortable with their weapon, has spent time shooting before coming to us and can react quickly will have more shot opportunities and less limitations. John is a believer in shooting off of sticks, whether standing or sitting. (Tawny has finally acquiesced to using sticks after John has very calmly explained the benefits. Tawny's advice: Just use the shooting stick!) Shooting sticks allow a hunter to shoot from a variety of positions and locations while keeping the gun still and stable. Stoney Point makes a great bi-pod that is simple to use, lightweight, compact and adjusts easily.

Your scope is equally as important as your gun. We recommend the tried and true 3-12 power variable scope. The simplicity of the scope allows the hunter to react quickly and take a variety of shots, which is what will be required of them. Today's advanced scopes can offer a hunter the latest and greatest edge in the field, HOWEVER, the hunter must be able to operate the scope quickly and efficiently. We have witnessed firsthand the disappointment of a failed attempt at a great shot due to the complications that come with the "newest and baddest" scope on the market.

There are many variables associated with a successful hunt. Some can be controlled, many can't. We put our time in and place focus on the things that we can control. We provide first class private land, ranches, accommodations, food and service. Our guides know our ranches and are experienced hunters themselves giving them the skills needed to "get you in front of the animal." We ask that you do the same - put your time in - in advance and prepare yourself. Your pre-hunt preparation will not disappoint you .

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