Gear List

General Hunting Equipment:

  • Game/Hunting License
  • Rifle/Muzzleloader
  • Scope with Scope Covers
    *Recommended: Butler Creek Clear Blizzard Scope Caps
  • Ammunition (2 boxes)
  • Bow/Arrows
  • Back Pack/Waist Pack
  • Bow/Gun Sling
  • Scent Reduction Spray (suggested for Archery/Muzzleloader hunts)
  • Shooting Stick (highly recommended)
    * I prefer the Primos Pole Cat Bi-pod. (25”- 62” or 16” - 38”) They are very durable, lite and effective. Or, the Primos trigger sticks are also very effective but, more weight and money (24” - 61”). We do NOT recommend the heavy shooting sticks that attach directly to your gun.
  • Binoculars - A high quality optic is invaluable.
  • Binocular Harness and Case
    *Badlands makes an excellent product.
  • Rangefinder
  • Camera


The most important piece of advice we can offer you is this - dress in layers. Our fall weather temperatures can vary greatly during the day. Many mornings temperatures are in the 30's climbing to the 50's and 60's during the day. We can experience temperatures in the 70's or temperatures in the 20's. We can have sun, rain, snow and blizzards.

The morning hunt often requires a hike. Layers allow the hunter to shed layers as necessary in order to avoid perspiring and eventually becoming cold upon reaching your hunting destination.

We recommend the following:

  • Hunting Boots (waterproof) Insulated/uninsulated depending on weather conditions. There are so many brands of high quality hunting boots on the market, several personal favorites are Kenetrek, Meindl or Cabela's.
  • Gaitors - We highly recommend Kenetrek or Cabela's Outdoorsman Gaiters to keep snow and debris out of your boots
  • Socks - Breathable and insulated Smartwool Socks are a local favorite manufactured in Steamboat Springs
  • Gloves - Insulated and uninsulated
  • Blaze Orange ball cap and/or stocking cap
  • Blaze Orange Vest
  • Lightweight face mask

Colorado Hunter Orange Requirement
It is unlawful to not wear at least 500 square inches of solid (camouflage orange is not legal; mesh garments are legal, but not recommended) daylight FLUORESCENT ORANGE material in an outer garment above the waist, part of which must be a hat or head covering visible from all directions while hunting deer, elk or antelope during any muzzleloading rifle or rifle seasons. BOW HUNTERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WEAR ORANGE DURING THE ARCHERY ONLY SEASONS.

The following clothing is the minimum recommendation. Remember your clothing may become wet due to weather conditions and/or deep snow or mud; you will need at least one back up set as a change. It is important to keep in mind the noise factor when choosing what clothing to bring on your Colorado hunt. Quiet clothing (avoid nylon, plastic, etc) is a must.

  • Long Underwear (tops & bottoms) x 2
  • Camouflage Pants x 2
    *Gortex - Insulated (October/November)
    *Gortex - Lightweight (September/Early October)
  • Camouflage coats x 2
    *Gortex - Insulated
    *Gortex - Lightweight
  • Mid-layer sweater/jacket x 2

Colorado's weather offers a challenge in itself. Preparing yourself for a variety of conditions and choosing quality clothing will ensure you the ability to focus on the hunt, increasing your odds of success.

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